Make a Forest Garden Plan

Step-by-step instruction in setting up a paper or CAD plan for your forest garden

This is a free mini-course about how to make forest garden plan. We go through the steps in creating both paper and digital CAD plans. Highlights include:

  • Choosing the correct scale for your paper plan
  • How to use a satellite photo as the basis of your CAD plan
  • Measuring techniques, including triangulation
  • Which observations to record when surveying your site

This mini-course is part of a larger Create a Wildlife Forest Garden course, due for release in February 2020. The slideshow notes for this mini-course will always be freely available at forestgarden.wales/wildlife-forest-garden/plan

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Your Instructor

Jake Rayson
Jake Rayson

Since 2015 I have been designing and crafting forest gardens, at home in West Wales and for diverse clients across the world.

I believe a forest garden fulfils multiple functions: a place to be, a wildlife haven, an edible garden, a connection with the broader landscape and a springboard for personal action and engagement in the face of climate emergency and mass extinction.

To that end, Iā€™m constantly refining my forest gardening process, to make it easier and more accessible to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the online notes?
You most certainly can. The slideshow will always be freelay available online: https://www.forestgarden.wales/wildlife-forest-garden/plan Press `P` to see the notes & links
What software do you use?
I use QCAD, which is a free Computer Aided Design program. I also use Apple Maps, Google Maps and Bing Maps. You can download QCAD from https://qcad.org/
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Please let me know! Iā€™m always looking to improve my courses, so please send feedback via email to [email protected] Thank you! šŸ’š šŸŒ³

This course is closed for enrollment.